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D. Kevin Surbaugh
13 July

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Date Created:9/13/2001
Number of Posts: 1216

Kansasman is a 37 year old natural redhead-ed male. He is a struggling Christian. Sometimes he has thoughts that the Bible calls sin, but feels this makes him human. He has yet to become a perfect being residing in heaven with God. He is unmarried, but looking for Miss Right. he volunteers at a with various community activities. His hobbies include, coca-cola items, collecting pens, keychains, postcards, campaign buttons, and Bibles. He also enjoys traveling, He has been to Europe twice, both times to the little island nations of Guernsey and Sark. During both trips he spent most of his time in Sark and you can see his journals and pictures by going to Surbaugh Travel Guide and clicking on the Sark link (Hopefully this site will have more places and travel related info in the future). In addition he has been to Canada and Mexico. He owns my-online-cookbook.com Anything else about him will most likely be said at sometime in his journal. Contained in this journal are his personal thoughts regarding everything.
Strengths: Christian, likes to laugh, Opinionated, loves Coca-Cola
Weaknesses: Begging for money. Donations Welcomed through PayPal Bad speller
Special Skills: Communities I started!
biblecollectors A place for those that collect Bibles at whatever level to talk about their hobby.
cokefan (Fans of Coca-Cola)
investments (talk about various types of investments)
Brownback2008 Brownback for President 2008
KevinsViewOpinions and Reviews
Weapons: Bible, Dictionary, Internet, TV, Radio, Coca-Cola
Life Verse: 2 Thes. 2:16-17

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